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Cash Crop 4.0 - 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

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Cash Crop ® 4.0 - 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box


The Cash Crop ® grow box is the perfect personal grow system. It comes with everything you need except seeds or plants. This complete grow system grows plants from seed to harvest. An upgrade from the Cash Crop ® 3.0, the Cash Crop ® 4.0 6 plant hydroponics grow box is our original discount grow box that is not only easy to use, but also very affordable. This popular indoor gardening system is very popular for good reasons. The price beats anyone out there and we guarantee you'll be impressed with this high quality grow box. You also get a lifetime warranty with this grow system.

Truly a risk free purchase. The grow box comes with everything you need to grow including nutrients, both spectrums of bulbs (3 each), grow and flower essentials. There are more lumens in the cash crop ® than aero-garden deluxe. This smell proof, quiet, and light controlled personal garden is easy to use. Just pop in your seeds and watch it grow. Comes with everything you need, including a self-cooled cabinet and a hiflect insulation for maximum light usage and plant growth. Also included are a 6 plant hydroponic grow system with pump and oxygenator, 6 net pots, 6 grow cubes, nutrients, 3 grow bulbs, and 3 flower bulbs. Lock and key with carbon filter in exhaust and ona block deodorizer included for smells you may not want. Plants will grow and thrive in this unit. They will grow filling the entire box guaranteed or your money back! The Cash Crop ® is the ultimate personal growing machine. Auto-flower plants are amazing for this grow box. Tomatoes, herbs, and peppers will grow easily in this unit all year round. Simply put, the Cash Crop ® is the best personal grow box for sale on the market today.

Produces 5 pounds of dried plant matter per year!

The Cash Crop ® 4.0 ships for FREE (Today Only) with Fedex via stealth shipping. We ship within 2 business days so you will get your fully assembled Cash Crop ® very quickly! The 6 grow lights are each 60w CFL bulbs so you will use a total of 180w per growth stage.

Note: Please select either the Deluxe or Standard version from the drop down box above.

Cash Crop ® Standard ($449) Dimensions: 24" T x 16" W x 9.5" D
Cash Crop ® Deluxe ($524) Dimensions: 36" T x 16" W x 9.5" D (+$75 from the drop-down menu above)


The Cash Crop ® is a fully automated grow box that grows ANY plant from seed to harvest in 8 weeks. Add the Co2 Enhancer and you will harvest in 6 weeks instead of 8. The Cash Crop ® 4.0 been totally upgraded to fit your growing needs! The 4.0 version comes with more numerous and higher quality parts. Some of these parts include:

  • Quantity 3: 2700k CFL Flowering Bulbs
  • Quantity 3: 6500k CFL Grow Bulbs
  • 3 foot model of Cash Crop ® comes with hanging light system so you can raise and lower your lights
  • 3 outlet adapters
  • Power strips
  • 6 Plant hydroponics system (1 gallon reservoir)
  • 6 net cups to hold your plants
  • Light blockage components to prevent light from escaping
  • Quiet when growing plants
  • Powerful Ona odor terminator (eliminates ALL odor no matter how extreme!)
  • Air Stone & Air Line
  • Timers to automate your system
  • Hanging light system to keep lights close to plants (on 3 foot model, 2 foot doesn't need this)
  • Outlet sockets
  • Lockable latches
  • Powerful 80 CFM fan system with carbon protected intake/outake areas
  • 6 organic starter plugs for seeds or clones
  • 10 gallon rated air pump
  • Grow, bloom, calcium, and magnesium nutrients along with an adjustable measuring spoon and detailed instructions to get potent grows from start to finish
  • Various parts to support your hydroponics system (too many to list!)
  • Unlimited phone and email tech support
  • Written instructions to guide you in your first grow

Does the Cash Crop ® 4.0 grow from start to finish? Can I put seeds in there?

Yes! You can put your seeds in there (see instructions) and harvest when your plants fully grow!

I am looking for a totally stealth grow box and wish to grow my plants privately. Can you guarantee this?

Yes! We have upgraded the Cash Crop ® 4.0 so that it is a 100% stealth growing system. This means that you won't notice much any difference in your electricity bill, you won't have any serious light leakage or scent leakage issues, the system is quiet, and you will have the ability to lock your Cash Crop ® 4.0 for added security.

Is there enough room to grow in the Cash Crop ® 4.0?

Yes. The Cash Crop ® supports all kinds of plants. Also, most plants bend inside of the box which adds to the space allotted to grow. It also works great for clones and mother plants.

How do you ship? How long does it take? How will I know when my package has shipped?

We typically use Fedex for our shipments. We take approximetely 2 business days to build and ship your grow box. We also email tracking numbers upon shipment so that you can track your package.

I am a first time grower and have never grow with hydroponics. What if I get confused?

The Cash Crop ® 4.0 comes with unlimited phone and email support. It also comes with a written step-by-step instruction manual to guide you through the process. We will help you in every way we can. :)

Does the Cash Crop ® 4.0 give off much heat? Does it use a lot of electricity?

We have designed the Cash Crop ® 4.0 so that it uses the minimal amount of electricity. This grow box uses less electricity than a mini fridge. In fact, you may not even notice any change in your monthly bill. Also, the heat output is extremely low when using CFL bulbs and an intake/outtake air-flow system.

What is the Co2 boost enhancer?

The Co2 enhancer pumps Co2 directly into your grow box. Co2 to plants is like pure oxygen for humans. The Co2 enhancer improves growth speed by 25%!

Is growing in hydroponics better than growing in soil?

Yes it is! The only reason we offer the soil version in our drop down menu above is because some customers prefer soil. However, we recommend growing in hydroponics because it is cleaner and faster than traditional soil gardening. Also, if you do order the soil version, you will get a few different parts (IE soil pots). You should only get soil if you prefer growing in soil otherwise we recommend growing hydroponically.

What about warranty?

We offer a whopping lifetime warranty on your Cash Crop ® 4.0. If you have any issues with anything at all, please contact us and we will replace your parts for free!

Is the grow box completely assembled upon delivery?

Yes. The box is fully assembled.

I'd like to maintain privacy. Do you offer discreet billing & shipping?

Yes! Do to popular demand, we offer discreet shipping on ALL of our boxes. Also, our charge on your debit or credit card doesn't include any terms related to hydroponics. If you want extended privacy, you can use a gift card.

Do you sell any other grow systems?

Yes, we have a large selection of turnkey hydro systems throughout our online catalog.


Buy online or call to order! 888-HYDRO-81


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Product Reviews

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  1. Good product

    Posted by Jim

    The cabinet was shipped when they told me it would be and delivered by UPS. Total time from order to door step was 8 days. It was carefully packaged took only a short time to set up. So far so good. We'll see how the end product comes out.

  2. 4.0 3ft box

    Posted by rodd

    just got it yesterday set it up last night everything was there and 1-growlite dose not work call today they have one on the way cant waite to get started happy so far

  3. Great Investment

    Posted by Jimmy

    I've had my grow box about 10 weeks and it works great, just as advertised. I wish I had gotten the 3 foot version now though. My plants are too tall for the 2 foot box, but I still have them in the hydro bucket and using all the stuff except they are just outside the box with an additional HPS light over them in the bloom stage. Definitely worth the investment.

  4. easy to use

    Posted by ssrearadmiral

    very easy to use and understand...

  5. easy to use, easy instructions, sprouting and growing after 3 days

    Posted by ssrearadmiral

    it's a little pricey, but it sure is nice to have someone keeping the faith for us devotees

  6. Brand new to hydroponics

    Posted by Matty S

    I ordered the 3' 4.0 Cash Crop after researching the best grow boxes for beginners. ( The 3' is pictured above. The 2' does not have adjustable lights.) The 30lb. grow box shipped quickly and was packed extremely well. The size is perfect and fits comfortably in my closet. The hydroponic box comes with six bulbs, a timer, air pump, container, and RAW plant nutrients. Since this is my first grow experience, I found this to be a great starter kit. The box is solid and well crafted. I read a few complaints about the fan sound. I have no complaints. I don't find the sound annoying at all since I sleep with a fan every night. All in all this is a great buy. I have to admit I'm a little intimidated to try it out. I'm learning all this as I go, so I hope for some beginners luck. Started 6 seeds this morning. We'll see. Happy growing.

  7. all in one great starter box.

    Posted by happy customer, Arizona

    I recently purchased the cash crop 4.0 and I gotta say this little box packs a punch. It's small and compact but big enough to grow decent plants. I got different nutes than what I was expecting but that's ok they were still really good nutes. It's engineered very well , and they don't know what over packing is, the box was so well packed it took longer to un pack and clean up than it did to set up the box. I did have 1 issue and that was I got a bad light timer. I contacted dealer and they sent me out a new one ASAP 5/5 customer care good job guys and a good product. I recommend this to any first time hydroponic enthusiast or anyone just looking for a really stealthy option.

  8. The Cash Crop works as designed

    Posted by Unknown

    Seeds were germinated in 48 hours and on the way. Set up was easy and every thing needed was included.

  9. Quality Product & superior customer service

    Posted by Dan

    Box is very well built. I received my box 1 week ago, the plastic tub was cracked & 1 blub was damaged. I left the guys at a message, they quickly replied with apologies & sent replacements, which arrived today. I had seeds cracked when box arrived last week and used another tub for time being. Plants are 4 inches tall and all systems are a go now with the tub. 5 stars Thank you Chris & gang

  10. A small discreet grow box that works

    Posted by Sam Gamgee

    I need a small and discreet way to grow, and this box does the job. I'm at the end of my second crop, and can assure the potential buyer that this box does grow plants. Given the small size/capacity of the 24" tall box, yield is limited. But I'm ok with that because it is discreet. The original air pump was noisy and I replaced it. The fan is not the quietest, but it grows plants!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 86 | Next