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  • Espoma Compost Starter, 4 lb

    Compost Starter is a unique bio-organic mix that contains microbes cultured for fast, healthy composting, including heat-active varieties that speed the decomposition of difficult materials.Learn More

  • Rapitest Compost Thermometer

    The Rapitest Compost Thermometer has a large, easy-to-read dial and a 19-inch stainless steel probe with a range of zero to 220 degrees Fahrenheit, so growers can accurately measure the internal temperature of their pile.Learn More

  • Sunleaves Stainless Steel Compost Can Filter

    These filters replace those included with the Sunleaves Stainless Steel Compost Can.Learn More

  • Sunleaves Stainless Steel Compost Can, gal

    Give kitchen waste a shiny, attractive receptacle with the Sunleaves Stainless Steel Compost Can. The can stands 11 inches tall with a 7-inch diameter, has a 1.1-gallon capacity and houses a double-layer replaceable carbon...Learn More

  • Sunleaves Worm Farm

    The Sunleaves Worm Farm is a four-layer home for red wiggler worms that eagerly devour unwanted food scraps and other wastes. Fill each layer with egg shells, newspaper strips, fruit peels and more and watch as the worms...Learn More