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Why do you need my email address?

We use your email address to communicate with you every time there is an update on your order.

Why do you need my phone number?

We use the phone number only when we need to communicate with you about something concerning your order. However most of our communication will take place through email.

Is my information kept confidential?

Yes, all information is kept private in the Big Commerce servers. We are only able to see shipping details from our end and your credit card number is hidden by Paypal.

Do you use stealth shipping?

Yes. Your package will be shipped in plain box shipping with no outside indication of the contents.

When will my package arrive?

99% of the products will arrive in a few short days. The only items that take a bit longer are some of the grow systems that cost above $1500 as those are shipped freight and have to be manufactured. Either way, if there is any delay, we have posted it on the product pages.

Do you ship worldwide or only to the United States and are there any extra costs incurred for international shipping?

We ship to the US and Canada.

Do you use signature on delivery?

Yes we do if the order is of high value.

What if I am not home to pick up the item.

We will automatically email if we have difficulty delivering your package. If there is any further delay, we will call you to notify you.

What if I need help with my hydroponics system? Can I call you?

Yes you can! You get free, unlimited tech support for the life of your product. If you ever get stuck or confused, simply give us a call and we will connect you to our tech support team.

Do your hydroponics systems come with warranty?

Warranty varies but you get a lifetime warranty on many Dealzer products and usually a 3 year warranty on other products. For smaller 3rd party items, please refer to the manufacturer for warranty details and call us if you need help doing so.

I have money in my account, but my order was declined? Why is this happening?

The main reason for this is because your bank wants you to call and authorize the charge. Simply call your bank and they will unlock the card.

Can I use gift cards?

Yes, you can do so online or call us at 888-HYDRO-81 for a phone order.

How do I use your financing system?

To use our financing system, please continue through checkout and under the payments section, choose - (Get Financing)

Identity Theft - Unauthorized Card Usage

We take identity theft extremely seriously. Please do not use another person credit or debit card without their permission. We are forced to report anyone who participates in identity theft.