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Discount Grow Box

At Dealzer we provide you with the only best in discount hydroponic grow box systems. You can find grow boxes as cheap as $449! Grow your plants indoors using a water source, nutrients, and grow lighting. Our grow boxes are available in a variety of styles including super locker, cash crop, pc grow box, stealth grow dresser, yielder max, and much more. Browse our selection below and purchase your indoor hydroponic system today!

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  1. Cash Crop 4.0

    Cash Crop 4.0 - 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box

    Regular Price: $595.00

    Special Price: $449.00

    The cash crop 4.0 is the most amazing discount grow system and much less expensive than most other grow boxes on the market. The Cash Crop has a lifetime warranty and unlimited tech support! Learn More
  2. Grandma's Secret Garden

    Grandma's Secret Garden 2.0 - 9 Plant Grow Box

    Regular Price: $795.00

    Special Price: $695.00

    Grandma's Secret Garden 2.0 is a 3 foot tall, 9 plant grow box with plenty of space to grow tall and healthy plants. Place this grow box anywhere in your house and grow all year long. This plug and play hydroponics system is easy to use and perfect for beginners or experts alike! Learn More
  3. Grow Box

    Money Tree - 9 Plant Tall Hydroponics Grow Box

    Regular Price: $1,295.00

    Special Price: $995.00

    The Money Tree is a 9 plant, vertical hydroponics grow box available in both 4.5 feet or taller! Grow any plant indoors with the Money Tree. Learn More
  4. PC Grow Box

    PC Grow Box

    Regular Price: $695.00

    Special Price: $595.00

    With the PC grow box, you can grow any plant or herb in a stealth PC computer tower! You can store this stealth grow box in your home, office, or anywhere you like! This grow box is so easy to operate, you won't need any experience at all. The PC computer grow case is very easy to use and produces plants without any mess. Learn More
  5. Super Box

    Super Box - Hydroponic Grow Box - 8 Plant

    As low as: $795.00

    The long awaited Super Box is here! This luxurious Super Grow Box is perfect and affordable. It holds 8 plants and is sturdy as a rock! Learn More
  6. MediCab Micro

    MediCab Micro - 14 Plant Hydroponics System

    Regular Price: $1,095.00

    Special Price: $979.00

    Grow stealth and grow anywhere in the MediCab Micro grow box. Combined LED and fluorescent lighting make it economical to operate while producing fast and heavy crops. Learn More
  7. Super Locker

    Super Locker 3.0 - 8 Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

    As low as: $1,295.00

    The Super Locker 3.0 is finally here! This all in one grow box, or 7 in one dual chamber hydroponic system is fully automated and affordable! Learn More
  8. Yielder Solo

    Yielder Solo - 12 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box System

    Regular Price: $1,750.00

    Special Price: $1,549.00

    The Yielder Solo is a 12 plant hydroponics grow box systems with an area for 72 clones. This hydroponic system grows organic plants using only water, nutrients, seeds, and lights! Learn More
  9. Yielder Max

    Yielder Max - 12 Plant All In One Grow Box

    Regular Price: $1,850.00

    Special Price: $1,699.00

    The Yielder Max series are all-in-one hydroponic grow systems designed for the first time grower and seasoned veteran alike. If you're looking for a legitimate and complete grow kit that will produce heavy yields, great quality, but remain discreet then these grow boxes were built for you. Learn More
  10. Super Star

    Super Star - 16 Plant All In One Hydroponics Grow Box System

    As low as: $1,595.00

    The Super Star is a 16 plant, all in one hydroponics grow box system. Grow plants continuously with this turnkey, stealth hydroponics system! Learn More
  11. Soil Grow Box

    Soil Grow Box - 4 Plant Grow System

    Regular Price: $1,550.00

    Special Price: $1,449.00

    The soil grow box can grow 4 adult plants up to 3.5 feet tall (or taller since plants bend) or 16 mid sized plants up to 3.5 feet tall, and can also grow 72 clones. It uses a 200w CFL grow bulb (2700k spectrum at 2500 lumens). It has a 4" duct blower (170 cfm, 0.7 amps). It has a 10 pound activated carbon filter that is 1 inch thick. It also includes 4 inch circulation fans that run at 190 cfm and 0.2 amps. Learn More
  12. Led Grow Box

    Sea Of Green - LED Grow Box

    Regular Price: $1,195.00

    Special Price: $950.00

    The sea of green is an led grow box use to garden indoor plants, vegetables, and organic herbs. This hydroponic system is extremely easy to use and great for beginners and personal growers. Learn More
  13. Stealth Grow Box

    Stealth Box - 4 Plant Led Stealth Grow Box

    Regular Price: $1,795.00

    Special Price: $1,295.00

    The stealth box is a 4 plant led stealth grow box. Buy one today! Learn More

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13 Item(s)

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