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Hydroponics Systems

Dealzer offers customers the absolute best in homemade hydroponics. Each indoor grow kit delivers professional grade quality and durability to last for years to come. A few of our versatile hydroponic systems include 8 Plant Superponics, Grower Pro, Cloner Pro, and much more. Our selection of grow box kits are comprehensive and offer ease-of-use for both experts and beginners alike. Browse our inventory below.

Our hand selected hydroponic kits are the best in the market. These professional hydroponic kits come professionally assembled with instructions and free tech support.

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  1. 8 Plant Superponics

    8 Plant Superponics

    Regular Price: $150.00

    Special Price: $125.00

    Our 8 plant Superponics system grows your plants up to 2-5x faster, safer, and easier than any traditional type of hydroponic system. Learn More
  2. 50 Plant Cloning System - Hydroponics Cloner

    50 Plant Cloning System - Hydroponics Cloner

    Regular Price: $199.00

    Special Price: $149.00

    Maximize your plant clones with this discount cloning system. This hydroponics cloner grows plants up to 2 feet tall! Learn More
  3. 10 Gallon Superponics Grow System - 16 Plant

    10 Gallon Superponics Grow System - 16 Plant

    As low as: $199.00

    " Superponics is by far the best hydroponic system around. It combines different types of hydroponic systems for the perfect blend that will grow your plants much faster than traditional methods. Superponics is a combination of years worth of hydroponic technology rolled into one unique design. An outcropping of aero, bubble, deep water culture and top feeder systems. " Learn More
  4. Cloner

    Cloner Pro - 40 Plant Cloning System

    Regular Price: $225.00

    Special Price: $199.00

    The Cloner Pro is a 40 plant cloning system that has easy interior access for easy maintenance and cleaning. The 16 spray heads are build inside of the cloner pro for an improved grow cycle. Learn More
  5. Grower Pro

    Grower Pro - 7 Plant Hydroponics System

    Regular Price: $249.00

    Special Price: $199.00

    The Grower Pro is a 7 plant hydroponics system that uses a deep water culture system. Learn More
  6. Hydroponics Combo

    7 Plant Hydroponics Grower & 24 Plant Cloner Combo

    Regular Price: $499.00

    Special Price: $439.00

    This combo unit includes a 7 plant hydroponics grower and a 24 plant cloner. This system was created for easy cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance can be done without disrupting any of your plants. Learn More
  7. Hydroponics Kit

    6 Plant Bubble Flow Buckets

    The 6 plant bubble flow buckets combine bubble bucket technology with ebb and flow technology into a fully automated hydroponics system. Learn More
  8. Cloning

    Cloning Machine - Hydroponics 128 Plant Clone System

    Regular Price: $2,395.00

    Special Price: $1,995.00

    The cloning machine is a hydroponics plant clone system capable of cloning 128 plants. Buy today from Dealzer.com! Learn More
  9. Aeroponics System

    Aeroponics System - 90 Plant Vertical Farm

    Regular Price: $3,295.00

    Special Price: $2,995.00

    The 90 plant Aeroponics System is a complete system that grows 90 plants easily and efficiently in your own indoor garden. Learn More

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9 Item(s)

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