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Replacement Parts & Tools

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  • 1/4" Hole Punch

    $5.17 $4.78
    This easy to use Hole Punch creates holes in tubing. Designed to fit easily into 1/4 drip fittings.Learn More

  • Drip Line Hole Punch

    The manual Drip Line Hole Punch makes it easy to modify supply tubing to position individual drip lines and emitters exactly where growers want them. Beneficial to hydroponic and soil gardeners alike, this practical tool...Learn More

  • Fix-It Kit

    The Fix-It Kit is a great way for gardeners to maintain their low-flow watering systems. Convenient, compact plastic case has sections containing the parts needed to repair, change or expand an installation. The case is...Learn More

  • General Hydroponics Dual Diaphragm Rebuild Kit

    The Rebuild Kit for the Dual Diaphragm Air Pump gives customers the option of fixing the pump rather than replacing the entire unit. Kit includes two replacement diaphragms and two replacement lock-nuts. Easy-to-follow...Learn More

  • General Hydroponics WaterFarm Plumbing Kit

    The WaterFarm Plumbing Kit comes with all the supplies (minus the reservoir and growing chamber) needed to assemble this easy-to-use, quality hydro system. This Kit includes pumping column, pumping column support tube,...Learn More

  • Hole Punch

    The Hole Punch is designed for comfortable use. Punches holes in 1/2", 5/8" or .710" hose to insert PC drippers or 1/4" fittings. Handle has socket for installing and removing Micro Spray Jets. Card includes hole plugs.Learn More

  • Mini 1/4" Hole Punch

    $0.65 $0.60
    The small and portable hole punch features a textured grip. creates holes in tubing for fittings measuring 1/4'' and is Sold individually. Case quantity is 200 pieces.Learn More

  • Professional Hole Punch

    The Professional Hole Punch can punch holes in 1/2", 5/8", or .710 hose. Designed for easy, comfortable use.Learn More

  • Punch 'n' Cut

    The Punch'n'Cut does even more than just punch and cut. Use this handy tool in a variety of ways, including cutting tubes, punching holes 0.12" or 0.18" in diameter and inserting and removing barbs. It's compatible with PE...Learn More

  • WaterFarm Drain Level Tube

    The WaterFarm Drain Level Tube Kit is compatible with WaterFarm hydro systems. Kit includes elbow, 1/2-inch grommet, 12-inch drain level tube with stripe and drain level tube clip.Learn More

  • WaterFarm Pumping Column

    Made of durable plastic, this is a replacement Pumping Column for the General Hydroponics WaterFarm.Learn More