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  • Basil, "Italian Pesto"

    Our imported Italian basil offers lusious harvests of especially glossy dark green leaves with full-bodied zesty flavor for really authentic homemade pesto sauce.Learn More

  • Basil, "Scented Trio"

    Our richly aromatic mix of perfumed cinnamon basil, citrus-scented lemon basil and garnet-colored basil. This trio of beautiful herbs adds color and scent to beds and borders.Learn More

  • Basil, Mini "Windowbox"

    Truly a bonsai basil with compact, neat 6 to 8 inch, umbrella-shaped plants covered with little 1⁄2 inch leaves bursting with flavor and fragrance.Learn More

  • Basil, Mrs. Burns' Lemon

    The very best lemon basil with strong growing plants, lush leaves and a sweet lemony flavor bouquet. Gives everyday cooking a special lift.Learn More

  • Basil, Sweet Green

    Carefully selected, vigorous, aromatic green basil strain with rich spicy-sweet flavor that blends well with all other herbs and enhances everyday cooking.Learn More

  • Bells of Ireland, Apple Green

    Unique, eye-catching branching spikes cloaked in shell-like blossoms the same soft green shade as Granny Smith apples. Their form and color sets off all other flowers.Learn More

  • Borage, Blue

    This easy to grow flowering herb has clusters of little sky-blue starry blossoms and fuzzy silvery-green leaves. Pollinators love Borage. The dainty blossoms make pretty edible garnishes and decorations.Learn More

  • Broccoli Raab, Early Rapini Organic H

    Cool-season Italian heirloom whose dark green shoots, buds and leaves taste like broccoli with a real flavor punch. Delicious, vitamin rich and very productive.Learn More

  • Carrot, French Baby Babette

    French Nantes hybrid finger-carrots bred for early color, even cylindrical shape, high yields and delicious taste. Great baby carrots.Learn More

  • Cat Treats, Mixed Greens

    Our fancy blend of organically grown grasses (equal parts rye, oats, barley, wheat) is tender, sweet and sure to please cat owners. Multiple sowings from extra ample packets.Learn More

  • Catmint, Landscape Ornamental

    This lacy landscape herb has mounds of aromatic gray-green leaves covered with a haze of shimmering lavender-blue flower spikes. Pleases cats and makes a beautiful spreading groundcover.Learn More

  • Celery Amsterdam, Seasoning

    A Continental favorite resembling Italian parsley. Grown for its sprays of glossy green, intensely celery-flavored leaves, it does not form thick stalks. Adds a rich, mellow undercurrent to cooked dishes.Learn More

  • Chard, Rainbow Bright Lights

    AAS winner! Highly ornamental, brightly colored tender stalks with a sweet mild flavor in a rainbow of colors, all with succulent dark green leaves.Learn More

  • Cilantro, "Slow-Bolt"

    Deliciously spicy, pungent, bright green leaves essential for Mexican and Asian dishes. Our slow-bolt strain holds better than any other at the leaf stage.Learn More

  • Cleome, Heirloom, "Color Fount

    Tall striking plants crowned with flower clusters of pale pink, white and rose-violet. Unique blossoms with spidery stamens are favorites of hummingbirds.Learn More

  • Columbine, "Mrs. Scott Elliot"

    Intricate flowers with especially long, graceful spurs dance in beautiful combinations of color above lacy scalloped foliage. Elegant beauties imported from France.Learn More