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Super Deluxe 3.0 - 16 Plant Grow Box

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Product Description

The Super Closet Deluxe is the best selling grow box in the world! The Super Deluxe hydroponic system holds 16 plants and is an all in one hydroponic cabinet.

Super Deluxe Hydroponics System 3.0 16 Plant


The Super Deluxe is a commercial hydroponics system with a 16 plant grow section. It also comes with a mother/clone area so that you can have a continuous, year-round harvest. We provide everything including nutrients and essentials with this system. All you need are the plants or seeds. Upgrades are completely optional and not required for growing.

Dimensions - 72"H X 36"W X 24"D

Grows 15 pounds of dried plant matter per year!

The Super Deluxe is light tight and odor proof. It uses a carbon filter to block out odors. You also get a locking system to protect your plants (comes with lock and key). You can grow non-stop with the Deluxe since it is an all-in-one system meaning more yields. Finally, you get a 3 year warranty and unlimited tech support via phone or email with this product.

The cloning chamber holds 50 plants and a few mothers. It houses two 24w T-5 flourescents bulbs at 6500k lighting. You can even remove the shelves to manipulate the height as desired.

The Super Deluxe comes with:

  • 400w HPS Cool Lumatek Lighting
  • Superponics System for Plant Growing
  • Flourescent Lighting (High Output)
  • 50 Site Cloning System
  • Technaflora Nutrients (6 Month Supply)
  • Industrial Carbon Filter
  • Digital Termomether/Hydrometer
  • pH Control Kit from General Hydroponics
  • Air Pumps
  • 185 GPH Water Pump
  • Circulation Fans (Adjustable)
  • TDS Meter
  • 10 Socket Power Strip
  • Timers
  • Shock Buster
  • Rockwool Cubes
  • Clay Grow Rocks
  • DVD Instructions
  • Written Insturctions
  • Unlimited Phone & Tech Support

Optional Upgrades Include:

  • 600w HPS Light - More Power/Faster Growth
  • Kind LED Grow Lights (450 Watt - More Power/Faster Growth/Less Electricity Cost/Less Heat)
  • 400w MH Bulb - More Power/Faster Growth
  • Side T5 Lighting - More Power/Faster Growth
  • Co2 Boost Bucket - 25% Faster Growth (Stand Alone Bucket)
  • Co2 Tank System - 25% Faster Growth (Installed System)
  • Ozonator - Eliminates 99.999% of All Scents
  • RO 200 Water Filter - Filters Water by 99.999% Purity
  • 24/7 Nutrient Meter - Measurement Tool For Nutrient Levels
  • Technaflora Nutrient Expert Pack - Year Supply of Expert Nutrients
  • Germination Pack - Germinating Formula For Seeds
  • Growgles - Sunglasses To Protect Eyes From Lights
  • Magic Herb Dryer - Dries Your Plants Effeciently
  • 55 Page Training Guide - Comprehensive Training Guide (Become a Hydroponics Expert)



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Product Reviews

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  1. Good box.

    Posted by Deciphr

    The box is good except that it took a while to get here. They build it upon purchse.

  2. Used in college for biology thesis project paper & Got good grade!

    Posted by OIG

    My dad bought me this for a biology research project I had in college. My professor was amazed that I bought the system and did a research analysis using plants in hydro vs plants in soil. The whole idea was to see if hydroponics outperforms soil growing in plant health and plant growth speed. More or less, my hypothesis was valid (Hydroponics is significantly better than soil growing). I had a few other hypothesis but they were mostly about soil growing (using factory produced soil, ect...). Either way, I got my A for the project. I no longer have any use for it. I live in Killeen TX. If anyone would like to do a local pick at at a discounted price, I will be glad to sell it. I asked dealerz and they said that they will accept a phone orde0r for it if anyone calls in. Either way, its going in the local paper asap.

  3. Just Arrive

    Posted by Ooooh

    I haven't messed with the deluxe much as of yet but I plan on doing so right now. I have so far plugged it in, set up my seeds, and added water. I have to check out the instructions for some help as I have no idea how much nutrient I should add. Other than that, this looks very good. Its the largest grow box I have ever owned. It better produce a lot of green!!!!

  4. good tracking

    Posted by tkz

    The company sent me non-stop updates from start to finish. I got 4 or 5 updates keeping me in toon with whats happening. The best part is that the shipping company calls before dropping it off on my own time choice. One thing led to another and it arrived safetly.

  5. ogowmwcp

    Posted by xqdnszgzdc

    The box is good for commercial growers but I wish I bought the trinity. I have a big budget and wanted to test the waters. I'll be back for the trinity soon though. That is the biggest one I could find.

  6. I had a problem.

    Posted by ilaxwcfyuc

    I had a small problem with a part 5 months after the order. immediately sent me out a new part to cover the old one. Everything else works great though and I'm on my 2nd harvest at this point. I highly recommend Dealzer. They take care of you long after the purchase.

    5 Stars all the way.

  7. Good toy

    Posted by Jones

    If you like hobbies, the deluxe is a nice one. I am enjoying playing with it while growing my favorite plants. Its very interesting for me. Its a good adult toy.

  8. Fantastic 16 gauge steel system

    Posted by Willie

    Great model. Its detailed to the very core. The 16 gauge steel is incredible and extremely sturdy.

  9. Commercial thoughts put to rest

    Posted by Joe

    Looking to start growing commercially? This is the one for you. I started with this system, and have recently purchased 3 other systems, including the great side by side. But it all started with this one here. Size is perfect for starting out, learning what to expect, and learning how it all works. The price is also a large factor, it was able to pay for itself in just a short year. Now I am the soul supplier of tomatoes, carrots, and green beens to two local grocery stores. This is recommended to anyone thinking of starting out.

  10. Need anymore be said?

    Posted by Jan

    Super durable, kicks out the plants with a massive 30'ish plants at a time, easy to keep clean. Check this one out

Showing reviews 1-10 of 17 | Next