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Trinity 3.0 - 44 Plant All In One Hydroponics System


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Quick Overview

The Trinity has enough room for a whopping 44 plants that can grow up to 5 feet tall! Our custom powder coated cabinet is 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and 2 feet deep giving you a full 72 cubic feet of growing space. The Trinity has 2 door opening, full spectrum 600 watt HPS lighting system, and an automated hydroponics system (can use water or soil). The control system is on the back for a stealth appearance. You will also have a locking system with 2 sets of keys. Also included is the separated vegetation/propagation chamber with an 80 watt dual lighting system. Co2 is optional, but highly recommended. The Co2 system feeds Co2 directly to your plants (Co2 is a major plant food source), thereby increasing production by 30%-50%. Overall, the Trinity is a great system to own for the commercial grower.


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Trinity Grow Box - 44 Plant Hydroponic Cabinet

Benefit from perfect hydroponic yields solutions with this automated and completely assembled system that will provide you with a safe and aesthetic area for growing different kinds of hydroponic plants. This sturdy powder coated cabinet comes with lock and key design for security, and all of what you need to grow great plants. The upgrades available are not necessary components of this kit: the Trinity 3.0 comes with everything you need to set up for hydroponic plant cycles.

NOTE: All upgrades on the Trinity are luxury upgrades and are NOT necessary to grow from start to finish. The basic unit comes with everything you need except for the plants.

The Trinity 3.0 product represents an upgrade from last year’s Trinity system – this new Trinity 3.0 version has an automated Superponics watering system for more yields and allowing plants to grow to 5 times faster – this all comes with full life-cycle customer support and a three-year comprehensive warranty.

72"H X 72"W X 24"D

Grows 44 pounds of dried plant matter per year!

Shipping: The Trinity is shipped via stealth shipping for $450. You will recieve this item in 3-4 weeks from ordering and as with all grow boxes, the Trinity is shipped via stealth shipping.




Steps for the Trinity 3.0 system:

1. Fit seeds or seedlings to your own design for the super cloner area

2. Transplant plants at a two inch height to the flowering chamber

3. Take advantage of a great harvest!

The hydroponics system allows for growing 44 4.5 foot tall plants along with vegetating 32smaller plants—this versatile set up allows for diversity in your grow area.

Here are some of the great features that you get with the Trinity 3.0 system:

  • Comes with all necessary material, including two months of nutrient supplies

  • 250/275/400HPS Super Cool Lumatek lighting system provides adjustable mount for better light application

  • The Superponics system, an automated grow resource, helps your plants grow 2 to 5 times faster with innovative design for new hydroponic strategies.

  • Our efficient carbon air filter ensures that odors are eliminated in the grow area

  • Super cloner adjustable chamber helps you get complete success with cloning plants—this chamber includes two 4100k grow lights that are perfectly designed for clones and seedlings

  • Use the available adjustable trellis to grow your plants efficiently and get up to 40% bigger results

  • The internal air handling fan on this unit ensures that corner plants get the same quality of air distribution as those in the center of the box

  • Unique interior panels are anti-mold and antibacterial

  • Everything in the Trinity 3.0 comes with a three-year full warranty for no hassle over problem components

  • Instructional DVD and product lifecycle customer service help you to get troubleshooting all of the way through your plant projects

  • Our available CO2 system can increase yield by 30 to 50%

  • With the Trinity 3.0, you can grow a maximum harvest and top yields with healthy, large plants

The two-stage chambers in the Trinity 3.0 allow for the complete plant cycles so that you can grow clones and mother plants simultaneously.

You will get this Trinity 3.0 product completely assembled delivered straight to you – just add water and use available nutrients to get excellent plant results up to four a half feet tall.

The Vegetation Chamber

Holds seedlings, a few mother plants, and up to 32 clones with this super cloner feature

80w T-12 fluorescent bulbs help with the stages of clone plant development

Adjust the chamber for maximum versatility

The Flowering Chamber & Second Flower Chamber

  • Get 44 plants at 4.5 feet tall in each 45-65 day grow cycle

  • A 10 gallon reservoir is sanitary and low maintenance with the Superponics automated watering system included

  • 250/275/400HPS and 400/430/600 grow lights help provide optimal light spectrum

  • Tempered glass reflector on your grow lights, along with adjustable features, helps you get just the right amount of light to plants

  • Use Superponics automated system in hydroponics or soil

  • Locking key security system provided

  • Use available CO2 system for $199 and get 30 to 50% more in terms of plant results

  • With the Trinity 3.0 system, you get air filter, nutrients, timers and all other components that you need

  • Grow your plants incredibly big and healthy with better outcomes than any other system

  • Low energy kit uses up to 20% less energy than other systems

  • Superponics automated watering system can help you get 40% more growth than other systems

  • Putting the controls on the back of the unit helps with neat appearance

  • Cross cooling and good air handling helps your corner plants to thrive

  • We provide a full no hassle three year warranty on all parts of this Trinity 3.0 system

  • The Trinity 3.0 kit includes super cloner and adjustable veggie chamber shelf for versatile results

  • Unique watering system helps growers to avoid blockage problems

  • Grow your plants with strong roots systems for independent results

  • You will get a free instructional DVD and lifecycle tech support for your Trinity 3.0 system

  • Use the Trinity 3.0 system in a single standard house outlet

  • Get up to 30 to 50% more plant yields than you would with other hydroponic grow box systems

  • Secure your airflow with available features

  • Comes with everything you need and technical support as well

  • Made in California

400w & 600w HPS Super Cool Lumatek Lighting System  

This 250/275/400 HPS Super Cool grow light setup from Lumatek is adjustable on light pulleys – provides for vibrant light and plant penetration with dimmable features for versatility. The ballast for this light system includes Smart Volt™ technology for operating on 120 or 240 volt sources. Kit includes an 8-foot cord for 120 volt power.

This kit also includes a Sunlift™ feature that helps growers to adjust lights to the right height for plants. Use the adjustable hood and yo-yo guides with tension adjusters to raise or lower up to 22 lbs. of equipment.

16 Plant Superponics System  

The Superponics automated system features the best in design for modern hydro projects. Air and water pumps keep internal environment great for plants. This system uses top and bottom feed techniques along with quality methods like bubbling and aeroponics for up to 2-5 times more plant growth and great low-maintenance plant cycles.

32 Plant Super Cloner System

The included Super Cloner system helps you to achieve excellent growth rates with up to 32 cloned plants. Use this to grow clones up to 2 feet tall.


Odorsok Industrial Grade Carbon Filter 


This high design filter takes care of all natural plant smells coming from inside the grow area – this filter will last up to two years and keep grow spaces hygienic, with easy maintenance.

General Hydroponics Line of Nutrients

This product comes with a two month supply of nutrients from General Hydroponics, one of the most renowned plant food distributors in the world. The organic calcium binding technology of a product called Maxigrow, which prevents problems with combines calcium and sulfur, is just one part of what this nutrient kit has to offer – use this premixed product for plants that blossoming amazingly and produce great results.

General Hydroponics Ph Control Kit

General Hydroponics also makes great pH control kits for grow areas. 8 ounces pH up and 8 ounces pH down help to control acidity and alkalinity for sensitive plants. Included indicator helps with application. Your plants will thank you for this additional and critical maintenance of plant health.

Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer


This piece of equipment has a clock function and alarm along with military or regular methods and a waterproof thermometer. Check your internal temperature and humidity quickly and efficiently to combat some of the usual problems with an interior plant environment.

Rockwool Cubes


Many of the best hydroponic systems use rockwool to accommodate plant roots. That’s why the Super Box kit includes small cubes of this material to help smaller plants get on their feet the right way.

Internal Circulation Fan 

This compact fan also helps to make the Super Box a uniquely effective hydroponic grow kit. 160/100 CFM operation and two speed settings help you to maintain your plants the right way with good air currents. This fan is also very adjustable, which makes it a practical favorite for this kind of project.

Analog Timer 

Good hydroponic systems are not complete without a timer which provides controls for the general environment of the plants. This timer controls the lighting, internal fan and exhaust system – the result is an easy single control that will help you do more with less work.

Dutch Master Cloning Gel 

If you’re looking to clone plants, take advantage of this unique gel product. Helps with root development and keeping plants healthy during cloning – this root stimulant is a great part of any complex hydroponic design.

185 Gallon Per Hour Water Pump

This pump really helps keep things going in hydroponic systems. The combination of a high magnetic rotor and a ceramic shaft and bearings helps this pump to operate at a whisper. Use it along with the provided timer for getting accurate delivery of plant foods through the deep water reservoir.

Eco Air 2 Air Pump

This air pump includes a 6 W output for powerful current delivery. The product stands the test of time and adds a kind of power that you want for your control of plant environments.

GFCI Shock Buster 

This unique safety product will help provide needed safety for your system. Easy-to-use safety tool is great for making sure that water and electrical components are kept safely isolated from each other.

Measuring Cup 

This simple tool makes providing nutrients and other aspects of plan environments easy. Don’t put in too much or too little of any single solution. Take advantage of this precise measuring cup and get your plants just what they need.

Clay Grow Rocks

This basic material helps with water drainage and permeability. It also helps to support roots systems. This is all part of ensuring that your plants have a competitive set up that will allow them to grow strong and healthy.

Instructional DVD and Manual

With this included instructional DVD, you will get everything you need to know how to operate all aspects of the system. This also covers adding the optional carbon dioxide kit. A paper manual also comes in handy for times when digital reading is impossible.

Optional Upgrades

Procyon 100 - $599


This Procyon light kit with 100 LED grow lights can help provide the best in new technology for plant cycles.


  • 56 CREE XLamp LEDs

  • 100 LEDs in terms of power

  • Total power use: 125w

  • Totally integrated power supply element

  • Internal fan cools unit

  • Use in place of 400W HID light

  • Covers about 10 sq. ft.

  • Get up to 50k hours of light

  • Made in USA

  • 13.5” by 5” by 5”

CO2 kit - $199


Speed up your growth with this carbon dioxide distributing kit – special engineering allows growers to provide their plants with precise levels of carbon dioxide for best crop results. This doesn’t have to be extremely hard to do, as the available instructional DVD will effectively show you how to use this tool in just a few minutes. CO2 is such an important part of plant growth that this kind of kit is a frequent strategy by experienced growers.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter - $315 

This advanced filter is pricey but well worth the cost. Get up to 200 gallons per day of pure water for making sure plants are not harmed by contaminants – get chlorine and other harmful materials out of water and waste 25% less than with other reverse osmosis filter products. Get everything you need for installing this filter quickly as well as customized design for indoor gardening. Kit includes all aspects of RO filter operation, from the core elements to additional features for maintenance and use.

Ozonator - $199

This resource works in your plant environment at an atomic level – ozone technology is part of the most innovative new science for hydroponic plants. Use this item combined with carbon filters to provide a specific sanitized result. Get some of the best new technology around to enhance your garden.

Amethyst Grow Goggles by Growgles - $99

Reduce sodium glare (red orange) and protect your eyes from UV and IR rays that are emitted by HPS lighting. These easy goggles are part of key protective wear for this kind of hydroponic grow light.

What Makes The Trinity Special?  
3 Separate 110cfm Fans The strategy of using multiple small fans instead of one larger fan can help cut down on noise, while this more elaborate air handling system also helps with ventilation and keeping your grow area at the right temperature. Growers who have noticed problems with traditional single fans systems will love this multi-fan setup.
Closed Loop Air-Cooled Lighting Having the air cooling system for your grow lights completely separate from other parts of your hydroponic kit helps to make sure that grow lights won’t burn or otherwise harm plants while also protecting against the loss of carbon dioxide and other effects that can happen when air cooling lighting systems are tied into exhaust systems. Having air cooled lighting and exhaust linked up is now seen as a kind of primitive way to set up a greenhouse or hydroponic garden, and so we have chosen systems that innovate with separate air cooled lighting systems to help with carbon dioxide distribution and help growers to more effectively control other aspects of air handling within their grow spaces.
Cool Tube Reflector The cool tube for grow lights is something that effectively cools bulbs by focusing only on the local space directly around the bulb, instead of trying to cool the larger area. Systems without this kind of targeted cooling can be extremely ineffective and cost a lot more money.
4 inch Internal circulation Fan Using a smaller internal circulation fan provides plants in smaller grow cabinet with just the right gentle touch. While some beginners might think that more ventilation is a better way to go, larger fans and more powerful air circulation systems can actually harm plants by blowing air too hard in their direction. Passive internal air circulation is extremely important in the development of plants; it allows them to grow in a peaceful setting, as opposed to creating a wind storm.
Lumatek Digital & Dimmable Ballasts Two of the main reasons that Lumatek ballasts are so important are reliability and versatility. These brand-name award-winning ballasts will give growers consistent lighting for healthy harvests, while also offering dimming technology to help growers micromanage the light that reaches their plants. Cheaper ballast can result in a less reliable setup that can leave growers scrambling if problems occur.
Superponics System

Growers who have tried all kinds of hydroponics irrigation systems may have noticed some of the drawbacks of anyone single method. In order to really provide for a consistent and vibrant root feeding, our systems include SuperPonics double-irrigating systems that combine a top-down approach with an additional bottom-up design. Combining Deepwater culture and a top speed drip system allows plants to get what they need in two ways, which ensures that nutrients get distributed to plants instead of ending up at the bottom of a reservoir or otherwise dissipating without having the intended effect. SuperPonics allows plants to grow bigger, faster, and with more safeguards against nutrient deficiencies.

Custom Superponics UV Protected Plastic Reservoirs Another feature of these systems is thick, durable and well designed “food grade” plastics for reservoirs. Cheap plastics can degrade over time or suffer a range of other wear and tear issues including discoloration and cracking. By contrast, high quality plastics give hydroponics gardens the support of durable environments.
20 Gallon Custom Reservoir This grow system also includes a larger than usual reservoir which allows for better handling of issues including nutrient distribution, pH value monitoring, and total dissolved solids measurement. These bigger systems also allow growers to have more flexibility in their maintenance schedules for hydroponics gardens. They help reduce high yields and less labor-intensive plant cycles.
Reusable Clay Hydroton Stones Hydroton provides an effective and long-lasting sanitary media for plants. While some other materials have to be replaced regularly, hydroton is reusable and offers support for multiple plant cycles.
TechnaFlora Comprehensive Nutrient Program When it comes to nutrients, growers need a full range of products that deliver all of the best kinds of chemical elements to plants. Our multiple nutrient package system gives you all of the items you need in a simple package solution, with handy instructional materials that can help you understand what your plants need to grow in a soil-less environment.
18 Gauge "Infra Cool" Powder Coated Steel Cabinets Powder coated steel cabinets offer longevity and durability, along with a clean and secure grow environment. Using these secure materials provides for hydroponics kits that will support many plant cycles while looking good in interior spaces.
Stable Cabinet

We’ve developed our no-wheels system after talking to many growers about whether or not it’s good to have small wheels or casters on a grow cabinet. The overwhelming consensus is that wheels can be more of a nuisance than a real help when it comes to maintaining a hydroponic system, so these types of kits are simply floor-standing models that will stay where they are put.

Triple Locking Doors Extra security features help growers to manage access to plants and prevent unauthorized access.
Reflective Removable Magnetic Paneling The reason we integrated magnetic reflective panels into our designs is that simple mylar or other materials can get very dirty or discolored in the course of a plant cycle. These more temporary materials can also tear or otherwise get worn and need to be replaced. The removable magnetic panels offer the same kind of light distribution, but with an additional benefit: growers can take them out and clean them in between plant cycles which helps with overall sanitation.
Liftetime Tech Support As with all of our grow systems, you will get a liftime of free tech support.

Buy online or call to order! 888-HYDRO-81

All grow boxes are made in the US. We support the economy from within!

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