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Weather Stations

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  • Elemental Solutions H2O Digital Thermometer

    The Elemental Solutions® H2O Digital Thermometer takes temperature readings in tanks and reservoirs, measuring between 58 degrees below zero and 158 degrees Fahrenheit with an accuracy of ± 1 degree. An easy-to-read LCD...Learn More

  • Gro1 Weather Station (non-wireless)

    $19.37 $17.88
    The Gro1 Weather Station displays the electronic weather forecast, the date and time, temperature, humidity, 12 hour thermometer trend, and the indoor comfort index (dry, wet, comfortable). The Gro1 Weather Station displays...Learn More

  • Gro1 Wireless Weather Sensor

    $20.77 $19.18
    The sensor displays the temperature and humidity readings, pairing exclusively with the Gro1 Wireless Weather Station (part # 301005), it has a range of up to 165 feet. A maximum of 3 sensors may be paired.The sensor...Learn More

  • Gro1 Wireless Weather Station + Sensor

    $42.90 $39.60
    The Gro1 Wireless Weather Station + Sensor comes with 1 sensor, and is able to pair with up to 3 more, with a wireless range of up to 165 feet each. Additional sensors purchased separately.The Gro1 Wireless Weather Station +...Learn More

  • Humidity Thermometer, 12"

    The dual analog Humidity Thermometer features a 12" dial face and large numbers for easy, at-a-glance readings. Wall-mountable and great for use indoors and out.Learn More

  • Indoor Temperature/Humidity Meter

    The Indoor Temperature/Humidity Meter registers temperature in F° and features precision thermometer and humidity coils for a high level of accuracy.Learn More

  • LuxPro Programmable Outlet Thermostat

    LuxPro Programmable Outlet Thermostat controls 120-volt/15-amp window air conditioners and portable heaters so rooms are always the perfect temperature. This ETL-listed, easy-to-program device has a range of 45-90°F and...Learn More

  • Oakton Compact-IR Thermometer

    Monitor heat levels on plant surfaces under HID lights or take a quick read of reservoir temperatures with the economical infrared Compact-IR Thermometer. Operation is simple: turn it on, point at a sample, and take a...Learn More