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Yielder Max - 12 Plant All In One Grow Box

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Product Description

The Yielder Max series are all-in-one hydroponic grow systems designed for the first time grower and seasoned veteran alike. If you're looking for a legitimate and complete grow kit that will produce heavy yields, great quality, but remain discreet then these grow boxes were built for you.

Yielder Max - 12 Plant - All In One Hydroponics Grow Box

Best Selling Vertical All In One Hydroponics System

The Yielder Max is an all in one hydroponics grow box designed for growers looking for substantial yields. The Yielder Max is a stealth grow box, it is shipped via stealth shipping, comes with a 3 year warranty, and unlimited tech support. This hydroponics system also uses next generation hybrid engineering to ensure for a quality system. In fact, the Yielder Max is one of the most popular grow boxes on the site!

Dimensions: 62.5" x 31" x 24" (5 feet, 2.5 inches tall X 2.5 feet wide X 2 feet deep!)

Grows 12 pounds of dried plant matter per year!

Plants: The Yielder Max holds 26 plants and is an all in one grow box meaning you can continuously grow plants. You can grow any plant in the world in any of our grow boxes.

Shipping: The Yielder Box ships via stealth shipping for $249. You will have the Yielder Max in about 14 days from ordering.

Shipping Prices: Continental US $249, Canada $395.

The Yielder Max


Maximizing Yield in Small Spaces

Are you a hydroponics grower and lack growing space? Are you on a limited budget but want the best quality system that actually works? If so, then you need the Yielder Max. Its not only economical, but also energy efficient. This hydroponics system will grow so well, your fiends might be jealous. This lockable, secure hydroponics system is build from welded steel construction, looks like a clean tool shed from the outside, has an oversized carbon filter to contain odor, and a noise silencer to make it one of the stealthiest grow boxes around.

The Yielder max utilizes dual grow chambers for a continuous, never ending grow. This legitimate grow box utilizes the latest grow technology in every single part from lighting to the hydroponics itself. We make it extremely easy to use. The system itself is easy to understand and you also get instructions plus free live support for the life of your product. You will be able to yield like a pro in a limited amount of space!

The Yielder Max features dual grow chambers for a continuous, never ending grow.  This legitimate grow system uses the latest technology in grow lighting and hydroponics to make it simple and easy for a new grower to skip the learning curve and have success the very first grow. The Yielder Max is the perfect mid-sized grow box meaning that it fits almost anywhere, but its 2'x2'x5' frame makes it big enough to yield like a pro!

This Yielder Max is light, sounds, and smell tight for a total stealth hydroponics system. Some other important features include:

  • 12 Plant Main Growing Chamber For Large Plants
  • 14 Plant Chamber For Mid Sized Plants & Cloning
  • 72 Seed Starting Area
  • Dual Grow Chambers
  • Dual Grow Lights
  • Lighting includes 200w Max Lume CFL Grow Lights (17,600 Lumens!) and 2' High Output T5 Plant Starter & Veg Lights
  • Powerful air flow system that blows the competition away! Its almost too much air flow but too much is good!
  • Pre-Filter and regular filter are used to filter all bugs, fungus, and dirt from going in and a 10 pounds carbon filter prevent odor from going out.
  • Optional Caster Wheels for easy mobility
  • Multiple Air Intake Ports spanning the entire system
  • Superior, high quality parts that overshadow most other grow systems
  • Easy to follow instructions for quick hydroponics growing mastery
  • Complete hydroponics kit includes many parts for total growth control
  • Value - Our Yielder Max is changing the industry by offering ultra high quality grow systems like the Yielder Max!

Still not sure who has the best grow system around? Check out how we compare and see for yourself.

  Yielder Max Other Grow Cabinets What's the Difference?
Air Flow 4” Commercial Duct Blower w/ Carbon Filter Axial, Booster, or Bathroom Fan More air flow and 10lb carbon filter controls temp and keeps growing odorless. Replaces the air inside the cabinet 3 times a minute, eliminating the need for costly CO2.
  4" Circulation Fan 4” Desk Fan, or None Strengthens plants to increase yield and circulates fresh air throughout the cabinet
  Duct Muffler/Silencer None Keeps your grow quiet and stealth
  Washable Intake Pre-Filter None Filters bugs, mold, and mildew BEFORE it comes into the grow cabinet
Lighting 200w MaxLume by C.A.P. 150w HPS Standard, 250w Optional 17,600 lumens (more than the competition) and it runs at cooler temperatures?  PERFECT for tight spaces!
  2' HO T5 for Cloning/Seeds Can't even fit a T5 in their tiny system! You need ample lighting and space to raise seeds, clones, and/or mother plants...you only get that with the Yielder Max
  Light Wing & Reflective Insulation No wing & no insulation Diffuses and disperses light EVERYWHERE, reduces heat signature
Hydroponics 12 Gallon Reservoir & 3 Gallon Cloner Tiny converted storage bins A larger reservoir means larger roots, stable nutrients, and less maintenance which leads to bigger yields!
  Botanicare CNS17 Nutrients - Standard Old school powder nutrients It’s Botanicare, need I say more? Simple, inexpensive, and extremely effective
  Coco Mon Grow Medium Old school rockwool and/or clay pellets No need for pre-treating, no more old school top feeding, and resists bugs and disease
Safe & Secure Rolling Casters Built In None, or optional Move it anywhere, anytime.
  GFCI Adapters, or None Prevents electric shock - we are talking hydro, after all…
  18 Gauge Steel Construction Thin Metal, Plastic, or Wood Powder coated, fire resistant, won’t out gas or degrade

Here are some more specs on the Yielder Max:

  • 12 Plant Main Area (3 foot tall or more since plants bend)
  • 14 Plant Chamber For Mid Sized Plants (8-12 inches tall or more since plants bend)
  • 200w CFL Grow Lights (2700k Spectrum and 17,600 Lumens)
  • 4" Duct Blower (170 CFM, 0.7 AMPS, 2.15"/w Static Pressure
  • 10 Pounds and 1 Inch Carbon Filter for Odor Control
  • Hydro Cloner & Reservoir - 6w air pump (.014 amps/71 gph), 12 gallon container, 3.75" net pots, 2 packs of 12 inch air stones, 3w air pump (.010 AMPS, 30 GPH), 3 gallon 2nd reservoir with 2" net pots and 2 packs of 12" air stones.
  • Total System Power Usage is 2.7 AMPS
  • Yielder Max weighs 162 lbs.
  • 62.5" x 24" x 31"
  • Written and DVD instructions included
  • Lifetime of free tech support by phone or email
  • 3 year warranty!

Optional Upgrades

LED Grow Light Panel ($150) - A 45w LED grow light panel will supplement your main light. This energy efficient light has a very low heat signature and it increases harvest by up to 25%! By itself, this light is not sufficient but by adding this grow panel to the back of the grow cabinet, you will be able to illuminate the bottom area of your grow chamber thus allowing this area to mature along with the top.

6 Month Standard Nutrient Package - $44 (Saves 15% +)

Order this package to receive a 6 month supply of Botanicare CNS17 plant nutrients. You'll save 20% and not have to pay any extra shipping cost.  

  • 1L CNS17 Grow
  • 2L CNS17 Bloom
  • 1L CNS17 Ripe

6 Month Expert Nutrient Package - $220 (Saves 15% +)

Ready to grow like the pros do? Order the 6 month supply of our recommended Botanicare base nutrients and supplements/additives that will take your plants to a whole new level.  Your plants will look like you've been growing for decades, but with the included custom feeding schedule even a novice will know when and how to apply these powerful plant enhancers. This package includes;

  • 1L CNS17 Grow
  • 2L CNS17 Bloom 
  • 1L CNS17 Ripe
  • 1L Cal-Mag Plus
  • 1L Liquid Karma 
  • 1L Hydroplex
  • 2L Sweet Raw
  • 1L Silica Blast
  • 2L Aqua Shield
  • 1L Clearex

What’s Included

Dealzer designs all our grow cabinets so they are easy to use and come with all you need to grow from seed through harvest. Aside from a three year warranty and lifetime support from experienced growers, Dealzer gives you more bang for your buck with all the extras you’ll need to finish your first harvest. Here’s what you get;

Standard Equipment

  Yielder Max
200w MaxLume CFL Grow Light x
Light Wing Reflector x
600w MH Bulb x
Adjustable Light Hangers (YoYo's) x
4" in-line duct fan (170 cfm) x
4" Activated carbon filter (10 lb.) x
Duct muffler/silencer x
Circulation fan (4")  x
Washable/Reusable pre-filter x
18 gauge steel x
Mounted power strip x
EZ Roll casters x
Air stones (4x12") x
Air Pump - Dual Outlet x
Air Pump - Single Outlet x
Plant Lighting Timer (24hour) x
Net pots (12 @ 3.75") x
Net Pots (12 @ 2") x
12gal Reservoir & Grow tray    x
Digital TDS meter x
pH Adjustor Kit x
Botanicare CNS17 Grow/Bloom/Ripe x
3gal Auto Cloner Reservoir & Tray x
Rasta Bob's Coco Mon grow medium x
Dual Botanicare 10gal Reservoirs x
Light tube fixture + wing reflector x
Net trellis + multiple pre-installed trellis points x
Rasta Bob's Coco Mon grow medium x
Root Riots clone and seed starter cubes
2nd lower light tight grow chamber x
Light baffles + light leak inspection x
Owner's manual & DVD x
2nd lower light tight grow chamber x
2' HO T5 fluorescent fixtures and grow bulbs x
72 plant clone dome + tray + insert x
Root Riots clone and seed starter cubes x
(2) 3' HO T5 fluorescent fixtures and grow bulbs x
72 plant clone dome + tray + insert x
Net trellis + pre-installed trellis points x
Owner's manual & Grow guide x

Optional Equipment Availability

  Yielder Max
45w LED supplemental grow light panel ($150) x
Reserve Tank automatic reservoir refill ($95) x
6 Month Standard Nutrient Pack ($44) x
6 Month Expert Nutrient Pack ($220) x

Dealzer is dedicated to providing the highest level of service in the hydro industry. Call today to discuss your options, special needs, or to pick the brain of an experienced grower. All grow systems are shipped assembled, crated, by ground freight, and with stealth shipping. Tracing numbers are emailed upon shipment. Allow 2-3 weeks shipping and handling.

Call to Order! 888-HYDRO-81 or Simply Order Online!

All Dealzer.com grow boxes are build in the US. We help the economy grow from within!

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